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Golden Hash - 80%

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If gold is a safe bet, then Golden Hash is an exceptional investment 💛. This beautiful variety delivers piney aromas with a subtle hint of sweetness. Perfect for your relaxing moments, its incredible texture and 80% CBD make this resin a rare gem 💎.

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CBD: 80% | THC: 0.3% | Origin: 🇨🇭 Switzerland

Golden Hash resin offers a rich, sweet taste experience, with dominant flavours of caramel and fresh pine. On the palate, it reveals a pleasant sweetness, enhanced by resinous and woody nuances that add depth and complexity. This variety is a real treat for the senses, offering a delicate and satisfying taste experience.

The aroma of Golden Hash is powerful and bewitching, with dominant scents of resinous pine and sweet, caramel-like sweetness. Subtle, delicate notes blend harmoniously, adding a fresh dimension to its olfactory bouquet. As soon as you open the packaging, it releases a woody, comforting fragrance that evokes a walk through a pine forest. This warm, soothing scent promises an olfactory experience as pleasant as it is delicious.

Visually, Golden Hash comes in dense, malleable chunks, with a golden-amber colour that testifies to its purity and quality. Its texture is supple and slightly sticky, reflecting its rich resin content. The overall appearance of this resin is elegant and attractive, reminiscent of liquid gold, and inviting a luxurious and satisfying sensory experience.

Customer Reviews

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Met 80% een machtig en krachtig product

Sven R.
Gerne wieder!

Wirklich sehr gut, nichts zu meckern

Didier H.
Super goe

Da is en toper smaakt goe

Hans G.

Bestellung wird absolut zuverlässig und zeitnah geliefert.

Goud goud, goud!

Lekkere compacte stevige hasj. Voor herhaling vatbaar. Ontspannend, pijnstillend bij MS.


Where does the Golden Hash come from ?

Golden Hash has its origins in traditional resin-making methods, combining genetics selected for their high resin content with refined craftsmanship. This precious resin is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for quality.

What flavour can you expect from Golden Hash ?

SPLIFF Golden Hash reveals rich, complex aromas, with earthy, spicy notes accompanied by subtle hints of honey and flowers. Each inhalation offers a luxurious and refined taste experience, evoking the hidden treasures of ancient traditions.

What is the THC and CBD content of this resin ?

It contains 80% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

How should CBD resins be used ?

CBD resins, also known as CBD hashish, can be consumed in a number of ways, depending on your personal preferences and local laws. Here are some common methods :
1. Vaporisation: CBD resin can be vaporised using a special vaporiser. This method allows the active compounds to be inhaled without the harmful effects of combustion. Vaporisers heat the resin to a temperature that releases the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning the material.
2. Infusion : You can infuse CBD resin into oils or butter and then use these infused ingredients for cooking. This may be an option for those who prefer to avoid inhalation.
3. Pipe or Bong : Although less recommended due to the potential effects of combustion on the lungs, some people use pipes or bongs to smoke CBD resin.
4. Cooking : CBD resin can be used in a variety of recipes. It must be decarboxylated (heated) to activate the cannabinoids before being used in recipes.

What are the benefits of CBD ?

CBD, naturally present in our flowers, offers soothing support for mental and physical well-being. Enjoy relaxation without the psychoactive effects, promote sleep and maintain a natural balance with our premium quality CBD products.

Why choose SPLIFF flowers ?

Chez SPLIFF, l'excellence est notre norme. Nos fleurs de CBD sont soigneusement cultivées, certifiées pures et respectent toutes les normes légales en France. Optez pour une expérience CBD premium, où qualité, légalité et satisfaction client sont au cœur de notre engagement.

Is CBD 100% legal ?

Absolutely. All our CBD flowers scrupulously comply with current French legislation. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD with complete peace of mind, because every SPLIFF product is marketed in strict compliance with legal standards (less than 0.3% THC), guaranteeing a 100% legal and safe experience.

Are there any contraindications ?

Although CBD is generally well tolerated, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting any CBD regime, especially if you are undergoing specific medical treatment. Certain drug interactions can occur, and it is essential to adapt the use of CBD to your individual situation. For personalised advice, please consult your doctor.