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GMO – 60% CBN

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The GMO competes with the best pastry chefs👨‍🍳. The recipe for this resin made from premium flowers is secret, but you will still be able to distinguish its sweet aromas of🍪. This little cake will offer you great relaxation with its 60% CBN.

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CBN: 60% | THC: 0.3% | Origin: 🇫🇷 France

The variety GMO offers a unique and indulgent taste experience, with rich flavors of chocolate cake and freshly baked cookies, complemented by nuances of nuts and vanilla. On the palate, it envelops the taste buds with a velvety softness, followed by deep and comforting aromas that linger pleasantly. This strain is a treat to the senses, providing an indulgent and delicious taste experience.

The aroma of Le GMO is irresistible and appetizing, with dominant scents of hot chocolate and freshly baked pastries. Notes of freshly baked cookies mingle with hints of caramel and nuts, creating an intoxicating scent that instantly evokes the sweet delights of an artisanal pastry. This delicious and comforting scent promises an olfactory experience that is as delicious as it is tempting.

Visually, the GMO resin appears in the form of a sticky and malleable texture, reminiscent of the consistency of melting chocolate. Its color can vary from dark brown to black, testifying to its concentration and purity. Its surface may be slightly shiny, reflecting the richness of the aromas and the quality of the resin. The overall appearance of this strain is indulgent and seductive, inviting a delicious and indulgent sensory experience.

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What is the origin of GMO?

GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, is the result of a clever cross between Chemdawg and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). This combination of genetics gives the strain its unique terpene profile, marked by notes of rich chocolate cake and sweet cookies.

What flavor can you expect from this GMO?

SPLIFF's GMO offers powerful aromas of chocolate cake and sweet cookies, with subtle nuances of musk and spice. Each puff reveals a fascinating complexity, where the richness of flavors transports you to new taste horizons.

What is the level of THC and CBN in this resin?

The CBN rate is 60% and the THC rate is less than 0.3%.

How to consume CBD resins?

CBD resins, also known as CBD hash, can be consumed in several ways, depending on personal preference and local laws. Here are some common methods:

  1. Vaporization: CBD resin can be vaporized using a specific vaporizer. This method allows the active compounds to be inhaled without the harmful effects of combustion. Vaporizers heat the resin to a temperature that releases the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning the material.
  2. Infusion: You can infuse the CBD resin into oils or butter, then use these infused ingredients for cooking. This may be an option for those who prefer to avoid inhalation.
  3. Pipe or Bong: Although less recommended due to the potential effects of combustion on the lungs, some use pipes or bongs for smoking CBD resin.
  4. Cooking: You can incorporate CBD resin into various cooking recipes. It must be decarboxylated (heated) to activate the cannabinoids before using it in recipes.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD, naturally found in our flowers, provides soothing support for mental and physical well-being. Enjoy relaxation without the psychoactive effects, promote sleep and maintain a natural balance with our premium quality CBD products.

Why choose SPLIFF flowers?

At SPLIFF, excellence is our standard. Our CBD flowers are carefully cultivated, certified pure and meet all legal standards in France. Opt for a premium CBD experience, where quality, legality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our commitment.

Is CBD 100% legal?

Absolutely. All our CBD flowers scrupulously comply with the legislation in force in France. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD with complete peace of mind, because each SPLIFF product is marketed in strict compliance with legal standards (-0.3% THC), guaranteeing a 100% legal and secure experience.

Are there any contraindications?

Although CBD is generally well tolerated, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before beginning any CBD regimen, especially if you are following a specific medical treatment. Some drug interactions may occur, and it is essential to tailor the use of CBD to your individual situation. For personalized advice, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.