Découvrez l'Éclatante Variété Amnesia : Un Voyage Mémorable dans le Monde du Cannabis

Discover the Dazzling Amnesia Strain: A Memorable Journey into the World of Cannabis

Discover the vibrant Amnesia strain, a cannabis experience that awakens the senses and promises an unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of flavors and captivating effects with this renowned strain that has won over fans around the world.

Presentation of the Variety

Name and Origin: Amnesia, a variety that lives up to its name, takes its name from its memorable effect and its origins in the Netherlands. This creation is the result of an expert cross between carefully selected Haze strains, giving rise to powerful and unforgettable genetics.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Amnesia stands out for its balanced cannabinoid profile, offering a harmonious combination of THC and CBD. Terpenes, including limonene and pinene, contribute to its characteristic aroma and complex effects, making this strain a unique experience.

Bright Appearance and Aroma

Visual Description: Amnesia buds captivate with their crystalline shine and impressive density. Bright green shades, combined with orange pistils, create a visual aesthetic that reflects the power of this strain. The trichomes that sprinkle the buds add a layer of shine, making Amnesia look stunning.

Aroma and Flavor: Amnesia's distinctive aroma is an intoxicating blend of lemony and woody notes. Each puff delivers an exceptional sensory experience, transporting the senses to pine forests and fresh citrus orchards. This olfactory symphony anticipates a taste adventure full of nuances and surprises.

This strain does not just offer a cannabis experience, it embodies a complete sensory journey, awakening the senses at every stage of the tasting.

Balanced Effects and Benefits

Effects on Body and Mind: Amnesia deploys a range of energetic effects that energize the mind and revitalize the body. The stimulating waves of this strain create instant mental clarity, propelling the user into a state of alertness and focus. Amnesia thus offers an energetic experience, ideal for moments when motivation and productivity are necessary.

Potential Benefits: Beyond its immediate impact, Amnesia may have potential benefits on mood and creativity. Users often report increased positive energy, reduced stress, and an increased propensity for creative exploration. These aspects make Amnesia a popular choice for those looking to energize their days while staying connected to their innate creativity.

This energetic strain offers a stimulating and invigorating alternative, exceeding the expectations of cannabis lovers looking for a vivid and uplifting experience.


In summary, Amnesia offers a memorable cannabis experience, balancing distinctive flavors with invigorating energetic effects. Explore this sensory adventure leisurely by visiting our online store. Amnesia, much more than just a variety, is a unique opportunity for exploration. Discover it for yourself and let yourself be seduced by this unforgettable cannabis experience. If you want to add a memorable touch to your collection, the Amnesia is available in our store.

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