SPLIFF Cashback 🤑

Very rare brands offer a cashback system. That's good, SPLIFF offers one and it's rather... grrr!

We suggest you take 2 minutes to read this page and not miss any good deals.

How to earn Cashback? 🧐

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€1 cashback per €10 spent

Nothing could be simpler, do your shopping! As soon as you cross a level of 10€, you accumulate 1€.
Example: An order of €84 allows you to accumulate €8 in cashback.
(During your purchases, the basket shows you the total cashback that you are currently accumulating).

1€ welcome

And yes, the team is proud to have you with us ❤️ Just for that, you will earn €1 in cashback when creating your account.

€2 for your birthday

Happy birthday 🥳 If you don't come and smoke a big J with you, we'll add €2 cashback to your space. (Your grandparents will surely do better, we know).

Obviously you will have to enter your date of birth in the "My profile" section.
(The smart guys who want to change the date , know that it won't do anything ;)

€2 per posted review

You're not dreaming, you're paid to write your opinion! 1€ per posted review and 1€ additional for review with photo. For SPLIFF, collecting your opinion is the holy grail. We continually seek to offer you the best products at unbeatable prices. We need you to know what's wrong but also to be satisfied with all the work we provide. So we motivate you 😊.

€5 per sponsored person

All your friends want to order? No problem, send them your referral link and earn €5 per friend referred (they will also earn €5). Go to your space, then on cashback and click on get. Your referral link will appear at the bottom of the page. All you have to do is copy it and send it!
(You won't be able to sponsor yourself, that would be too good 😎).

How do I use my Cashback?

It's not rocket science 🧙‍♂️

  • In the 'tab "Wallet" you will be able to view your balance and apply the cashback to your basket.

  • In the "Use" tab you can choose the amount of cashback you want to assign to your order.

  • Go back to your wallet and click on "Apply". Your moula will be automatically updated in the cart.

End of the course, let's move on to practice 🚀